BEST experience We absolutely LOVED our Tented stay experience at Elephant Sands, with friendly and knowledgeable staff about the wonderful animals. especially the unique experience of being so close to wild elephants.

Louise Bentley

South Africa 05 October 2015

Elephant Sands Lodge is a wonderful place to stay, especially in the evening when the elephants are in the waterhole or near the cottage. Dinner is a little bit disappointing. Two nights the same dinner and an overcrowded buffet queue.

Cornelis de Moei

South Africa 27 August 2014

Lovely place What a lovely place to chill out. The staff are really good and very communicative. The accommodation is lovely and the restaurant area very comfortable, good a la carte menu for dinner. Will certainly stay here again next year.

Diana Hagan

England 10 November 2013

Amazing experience! Unforgettable memories! Elephants come and drink a few feet from the guests! Staff is really nice, food is good. Anyone staying in Nata should try the experience. Just 1 drawback: the sand track to get there (but we succeeded to get there with a 2WD, you should call them before arriving so they can help you!)

Marion Graizon

France 22 August 2013

Excellent Excellent bird bath attracting lots of birds as well as the attraction of the elephants getting watered.

Eugene Renou

South Africa 16 June 2013

Experience of a lifetime! This place is all about the elephants and we couldn't believe that they would be so close to us drinking from a waterhole 3 meters from the lapa. Accomodation perfectly suited to location.

Simon Firmin

United Kingdom 06 June 2013

Perfect place Perfect place to stay to be close to the nature. Elephants and wild dogs walking through the lodge area. Lodge is around a waterhole and you can see different kind of animals during the day and night.

Ingo Bischof

South Africa 04 December 2012